Get The Most Out of Your Trade-In

One of the key parts of making your next vehicle purchase is the trading in of your current vehicle. Once you trade it in, you're going to be able to put the value of that model towards the purchase of your next GMC or Buick for sale. Come visit your local GMC dealer in Lima Ohio and our staff will be sure to pay you exactly what your trade-in is worth. We will be happy to share some easy-to-follow tips that will help to boost the value of your current vehicle. Get exactly what your trade-in is worth when you bring it to your local Buick dealership.

Regular Maintenance - You should always make sure that your vehicle is getting the regular upkeep that it needs, including brake work, oil changes, and tire rotations. By getting regular maintenance, you will be preventing issues that could drastically reduce the value of your vehicle. Maintenance should always be on your mind when you get behind the wheel. Make sure that you also track scheduled maintenance that has been performed. If you get the service you need from the same Buick dealership where you are trading your vehicle in, then the team here will know how well you have cared for your vehicle.


Cleanliness - A clean vehicle at trade-in can increase its value. If you bring your GMC dealer in Lima Ohio a clean model, it will mean less work for our team when it comes to time to resell the vehicle. It not only means less work for the dealership, it also shows the team at your local Buick dealership that you really care about your vehicle. A clean vehicle is typically a vehicle that has received all the necessary maintenance to stay operating at peak performance. Get a solid detail job on your vehicle before it comes time to trade it in.

Research - When it comes time to trade your vehicle in, you should do your homework on the vehicle that you are trading in so you can see the estimated value. Knowledge is always an important negotiation tool. Staying aware of the worth of your vehicle will help you get the leg up when it comes time to trade it in. Feel free to use our free trade-in tool so you can estimate your vehicle's value based on style, mileage, and overall condition. This is a quick and easy tool to use, so feel free to use it to get the advantage when you are ready to trade-in


Needs of the Dealership - Typically, dealerships are trying to make at least 2% to 4% back on every transaction. If you're trying to calculate what your total trade-in may be worth, add up the estimated value of your model in addition to any refurbishings that would affect the price. Take out about 3% from that sum and you will have an estimation of your total trade-in value. Our team will base the price we will pay for your model on what we think we can get for it in retail. Being aware of dealership needs can help you understand the trade-in experience.

Package Your Trade-In and New Car Transactions - Some people think that you should keep these deals separate so that they don't affect each other. However,  there is a tax break that you will receive when you bundle these transactions. Remember that when you buy new, you won't be subjected to the taxes on your trade-in's value. If you are paying $24,000 for a new model but your trade-in has a value of $4,000, you will only have to pay taxes on $20,000. You won't be eligible for that tax break if you keep the deals apart.

If you are looking for a GMC or Buick for sale and you want to trade your vehicle in so you can save on the model you buy, then come into Tom Ahl Buick GMC and ask about trading in your current car, truck, or SUV model.


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