safe snow driving advice Ohio

What Are Safety Tips For Driving In The Snow?

Winter brings many weather challenges, and at the top of the list are potent snowstorms. These weather systems can make roads difficult to travel upon during the event and cause surfaces to become icy and slushy as they are being cleared. Our service advisors compiled this list of Ohio safe snow driving advice to prepare you for the next big snow. Read this helpful Tom Ahl Buick GMC list below, and bundle up for the next cold blast.

Winterize Your Vehicle

Have our factory-certified technicians prepare your vehicle with a winter checkup that includes a thorough inspection, a refill of motor oil, and vital fluids. This will have your vehicle equipped to handle the cold and the snow when it hits the region.

Tom Ahl Differencesafe snow driving advice Ohio

Get Snow Tires

This safe snow driving advice in Ohio will enhance traction on slippery surfaces and extend the tread life of your all-season tires that can be optimized for your summer driving season. Our service team will find the compatible tire set for your vehicle.

Stock Supplies

Snow shovels, ice scrapers, jumper cables, and more are essential winter items to store in your vehicle. They can help you dig out of fresh snow or jump your car if the bitter cold zaps your battery. It also is good to keep warm clothes, a cell phone charger, and even bring food with you on trips in case you need to stop if a storm is too persistent.

safe snow driving advice Ohio

Use Patience

Our Ohio safe snow driving advice includes slowing down and not rushing. This means several things, from not going as fast to waiting until a storm passes. Drive a safe distance from the other cars, and tap your brake when you need to stop on slick surfaces, remembering that it will take longer to stop. Stay focused, and remain steady.

Schedule Winter Service Today

Use this safe snow driving advice in Ohio to stay out of danger. You can prepare for the brutal elements by planning trips in advance and receiving the high-quality winter service checkup at Tom Ahl Buick GMC. Make your appointment today!

safe snow driving advice Ohio